Adoptable Dogs ..........

During the COVID 19 Pandemic we are still doing adoptions, all our adoptions still require homechecks but we can do this masked and gloved up and keeping a distance... We just won't be doing any large adoption events in the near future however. 

"Sally" dilute tortie- female
8 months old -5.5 lbs


"Sally" is an 8 month old Dilute tortoiseshell, she is a sweet adorable and friendly little kitty cat very petite only 5.5 lbs. She gets along good w/other cats. And loves to snuggle and cuddle with you.  She is FIV positive. So should be housed by herself or w/another FIV positive kitty cat. She is healty in every other way. But tested positive to this. She has been spayed, micdrochipped and vaccinated and dewormed and monthly flea treated. 

What is a dilute tortie?

Tortie is short for “tortoiseshell”, a popular coat pattern seen on many cat breeds.

Standard torties have a mix of orange and black fur, either finely interspersed (a brindle tortie), in big splodges (a patchwork tortie), or somewhere in between (just a tortoiseshell tortie!)

Dilute tortie cats have a tortoiseshell coat pattern with one remarkable difference: instead of the striking, dark mix of orange and black, dilute tortoiseshell cats have a muted, almost blue and yellow color.


"Tinkerbelle" Whippet/Chihuahua X - female
Tinkerbelle is such a sweetheart, She was rescued from the streets of Tijuana, Mexico missing a front paw from an old injury. She had to have her front leg amputated but as you can see it doesn't bother her one bit. She jumps, plays, gives kisses and is just a love bug. She can be a little shy at first but then she is just your best friend. Does well with other dogs. Walks on a leash ok and loves treats and toys. She can jump and climb so need to have at  least 5" fencing in your backyard. She loves to have space to run around. Love those cute floppy ears!
2 years old -18 lbs

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"Tyler" Catttle Dog/Springer Spaniel X- male



Need a running or hiking buddy? If so, Tyler is the dog for you! Tyler is a one and half year old rescue from Tijuana, Mexico and is an awesome dog who is smart, loyal, playful, well-behaved and very lovable! 38 pounds, crate, leash, and house trained. He can be shy at first meeting new people so having a patient, experienced dog owner would be ideal, especially if you have experience with working-dog breeds who need structure, training and an active lifestyle. Tyler goes to the beach most days and is fantastic off-leash. He loves to 15 years old would be best because of his energy level. If you’re an active, experienced dog owner who wants to have a adventurous fur friend, Tyler is the perfect dog for you. 

1 and 1/2 yr old -38 lbs

"Summer" Cattle Dog X- female


1 yr old -40 lbs

Summer is a super playful sweet girl. She’s the ideal second dog addition to a family, who thrives having a playmate and active home. She loves her babies to play with and loves the beach and running off leash at Fiesta island. Smart, curious, well-behaved and very affectionate, Summer is also kennel, house and leash trained. weight 40 lbs 1 yr old



"Leah"  Chihuahua - female

Leah came in to the rescue as a paraplegic.  We put her on a course of strict cage rest and she miraculously regained the use of her hind legs.  Leah is so happy to be held by someone who loves her that she literally vibrates with joy.  Everyone at the rescue loves Leah very much, she is definitely a fan favorite.  The temporary paralysis left Leah with some incontinence, but nothing a cute little diaper won’t fix.  Leah is a 9 year old 7 pound Chihuahua.  Leah has been waiting a long time for her forever home, please don’t make her wait much longer.

9 yrs old -7 lbs

"Brody"  Lab/Shepherd X- male



Brody is your typical sweet pup; loving, playful and smart. He’s a 7 month old, lab mix rescue from Mexico and will be 40-50 pounds when fully grown. His favorite activities involve playing with his siblings, and chasing the ball. Vaccinated and neutered. He’s ready for puppy classes and a loving home.

7 months old -27 lbs (will grow to aprox. 45 lbs) born 5/1/2021

"Jimmi " aka Jimbo- Boxer/Dalmation X- Male


Jimbo is a large playful and loving (66 pounds) Boxer & Dalmatian Mix who’s 2 years old. He’s been professionally trained and behaves very well; kennel, leash (and off-leash) and house trained. He gets along great with dogs of all sizes and would be an awesome addition as a 2nd dog. He needs an active owner, with a large yard and ideally a fur buddy to play with during the day.

2 yrs old aprox. - 66 lbs

"Maui" Spaniel/Terrier/shepherd mix - Male



7 years - 22 lbs

Maui is an adorable 22 pound mix maybe some terrier maybe shepherd maybe some lab (but he is small size)  it's hard to say but he's an adorable black little love bug he's a special-needs. he is a paraplegic and has a cart and other items that go with him as you can see in the video he is still very mobile and loves to play he's very active and needs an active family he's full of love to give and had a really bad start and a neglectful previous owner who let this happen to him and let it go. will you be at fresh start for him?
We can assist in the training and assimilation of him into the right home.