"Keila"is 2 yr old beagle mix that we want to help in Ensenada. She is currently at a rescue shelter we work very closely with down there. We would like to take her into our rescue. She has been diagnosed w/ TVT (CVT) Canine Venereal Tumor, it is a type of cancer that is only sexually transmitted between other canines and is very common in Mexico. (makes tumors on their genitalia) It is not a venereal disease virus like in humans, but a type an actual cancer that requires chemotherapy. She must have contracted it from another dog while being a stray in Ensenada. So she needsat least 8 rounds of chemotherapy before we can bring him into our foster program in San Diego. Please please if you can donate for her chemo treatment so we can get her well and bring her to SD to adopt out. We have treated several dogs in the past and it is 100% curable !!! We only need to raise about $800 this is a fraction of what it would cost in the USA. We have an excellent vet where she is at for her chemotherapy. .

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